January 25, 2020

California man touts the healing properties of a jellyfish protein for treatment of MS

Since the beginning of time, people have been using their own personal remedies to treat illnesses and even disease.  There have been secret family medications and potions sold in bottles by roadside peddlers.  There are old wives tales about chicken soup for colds, drinking water upside down for hiccups, and honey for sore throats.  Simply put, for every researched drug and therapy on the market for one single disease, there are probably ten natural or familial remedies.  It comes as no surprise then that a California man is attesting to the healing properties of jellyfish…

According to The Examiner, Josh Sheldon of Fremont, California took the advice of a friend and began studying the impact of jellyfish protein on Multiple Sclerosis, which he suffered from.  He was so impressed with the results that he was involved in a press release about jellyfish and multiple sclerosis.  He was diagnosed with the condition in 2008 and the debilitating effects were very difficult on him.  The disease not only brings about physical pain and limits a person’s ability to walk, but also mental anguish in dealing with the day to day problems that the condition causes.  Josh decided to begin a regimen of jellyfish protein manufactured by a Wisconsin firm, Quincy Bioscience.  The protein is made to restore a calcium balance in the body common in neurodegentive diseases and age related problems.

The results were immediate and life altering.  According to his press release and The Examiner, after only four weeks Josh began feeling a difference, especially in relief from pain in his skin.  He noted that every day the pain decreased while he continued to improve physically, being able to walk with better coordination and little stumbling.  He also found that he had sensation in his limbs, rather than a tingling feeling.  The protein also gave him the ability to button his shirts, which was a task that had eluded him since his diagnosis.  Overall, the jellyfish health supplement has allowed Josh to feel like himself again, both mentally and physically.

Despite my disappointment that actual jellyfish were not used in this treatment option, it is interesting to think that something that already exists in nature may be a cure and viable therapy for multiple sclerosis.  One may wonder, however, if this treatment will be recognized by an Administrative Law Judge in a Social Security Disability Benefits hearing.  It is likely that as long as the treatment is discussed and recorded by your physician, a Judge will probably take this unorthodox treatment into consideration.

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