December 15, 2018

The Judge issued an unfavorable decision after the hearing. What now?

If you attend a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge and he/she ends up issuing an unfavorable decision following the hearing, then you have another chance to appeal. This third appeal, which takes place after the hearing, requires you to bring your appeal before the Appeals Council.

Even if you are granted a favorable decision but you disagree with the date that the Judge says you became disabled, or if there are any other discrepancies which you disagree with, you may bring these issues up before the Appeals Council.

It is highly recommended, however, that you seek qualified counsel if you have not already done so. A Social Security Disability attorney is likely to be more familiar with the policies and procedures governing this third appeal and can help you present your Multiple Sclerosis Disability case before the Appeals Council.

If you lose this third appeal, there is one more chance to appeal, a 4th Appeal which involves your case being presented to the Federal District Court. It is rare that Multiple Sclerosis disability claimants ever make it this far, however, so this 4th appeal stage is not covered on this website.